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The Arkansas Digital Sandbox is the most innovative way to connect students and educators with true Web 2.0 technology. This web-based environment provides students with a hosted web space (webspot) to upload their videos, audio files, pictures, and text content, allowing them to become “push button” publishers and to manage their online presence. This system encourages students, teachers, and administrators to upload and publish content to their webspot, allowing others in the district to utilize the published content for other educational purposes. The Arkansas Digital Sandbox provides the hosting of the multimedia, the hosted webspot, and all pages are protected with username and password credentials that are required to access all student data.

From student-created videos giving book reviews, demonstrating science experiments, or explaining a math formula, to uploading videos of teachers' daily lessons in support of best practices, The Arkansas Digital Sandbox will become your district's greatest online resource for both students and educators that they will use on a daily basis.

Want to Learn Even More About the System?

To learn even more, click here to signup for one of weekly webinars. During these webinars you will learn about how to use the sandbox and you will be uploading multimedia content in a matter of minutes.

Optional Services

Date Integration: The Digital Sandbox can be linked to your LDAP system to streamline the management of users accounts. This includes: authentication, mobility, as well as new user account creation.

On-Site Training: Get your teachers and administrators up to speed with our on-site training packages. The full and half day sessions are appropriate for beginner and advanced users and is content-specific based on the knowledge level of the attendees.

Pricing and Ordering Information for These Optional Services

For more information about any of these services or to get a price quote, please contact us toll-free at (888) 237-6740 or email us at support@myvrspot.com.