Week of September 27- October 8, 2021














AMI packets were sent home in a yellow folder this week.  Please place this somewhere safely in case we are closed due to NO POWER.

Progress Reports went home last week.

Early Dismissal Wednesday, Oct. 6.  CMS Car line will run about 1:25pm.

Flu Clinic Oct. 7 - Forms are due back Oct. 1.









Students must go home with the same designated transportation daily - this helps us track our students and keep them safe.

If your student's route changes, the parent/guardian must write a note or call the office each time.  The note will need to be brought to the office.


IF your child is absent, please send a written note/doctor's excuse with your child to turn in to the office for an excuse.  

Excused absences are as follows:  sick, death in the family, doctor/dentist

Parents may write a note up to 6 illnesses - after this, a doctor's note will be required in order to be excused.

Any other absence must be pre approved by the office/administration.


Thank you for understanding!  We want our kids here every day!

School Schedule:

7:55am Bell Rings

8:00am Class Begins

All students will have 1st-8th period

If your child checks out early he/she could potentially miss multiple classes.  Please make sure your child is here daily and ALL day.

Dismissal: 3:10pm 1st round buses, 3:15 Car Riders, 3:20pm Across town buses and walkers







5th - Students will learn to explain the relationships between 2+ individuals or events in a nonfiction piece. They will also begin to practice summarizing.

6th- We are reading Freak the MIghty and working on comprehension strategies for fiction, vocabulary, and connecting with literature. We are starting on characterization.  We are also working on textual evidence to support our thinking. 

7th - Students will learn to summarize fiction and nonfiction pieces.  Students will also begin to determine 2+ central ideas in a text and how it changes over the story.

8th-- We just finished characterization from the short stories we have read.  We are reading nonfiction narrative short stories from The Circuit and nonfiction informational paired readings.  We are working on comprehension strategies and textual evidence to support our thinking. 


ALL STUDENTS are still reading independently to meet AR expectations !!



5th - Students will begin their Algebra unit.

6th - Students are starting a new unit on Adding, Subtracting, Multiplying and Dividing decimals and exponents.  This is a short unit and then we will be moving on to Integers on the Number Line.

7th - Students will continue their Algebra unit with solving equations.

8th -  We are starting a new unit on Scientific Notation.  Students will learn to add, subtract, multiply, and divide in scientific notation.


5th Grade

Seth and the Yak Attack! 

Plaid Pete is in a Pickle!

6th-Students will continue to learn about the structure of Our Earth and it’s Interior.

7th Grade

Magnetism and Solubility 

What is a Characteristic Property 

Solid Identification

8th- Students will be presenting their projects over Earth’s History! They will also start learning about Weather and Climate. 

Social Studies

5th Grade: We’ve finished our book, Encounter. We are starting the 13 colonies lesson, and reading the book, Blood on the River.

 6th Grade: We are continuing to read Boy of the Painted Cave and using text evidence to answer comprehension questions. We are also working on our reading comprehension and Historical knowledge of Early Humans via Newsela.

7th grade: We’ve finished Africa’s physical geography, and cultural traits. They will be starting our African Flag project. 

8th Grade: We are learning about the concept Manifest Destiny through events that grew our Country, yet caused turmoil to the people of our land. The first major event is Indian Removal and the Trail of Tears. We have started reading our first novel Mary and the Trail of Tears- A Cherokee Removal Survival Story and we are working in Literary Circles to dig deep into the novel and make meaningful connections.  


Health- Google Slide Project  The project is about being a clean kid.

PE- workout Wednesday, basketball, mile times


In choir we are continuing to rehearse music for an October 12th concert.  Students are reviewing and putting into practice basic singing fundamentals as they are learning their music.


.Our beginner band students are learning standard tunes such as “Hot Cross Buns” & “Mary Had A Little Lamb” to strengthen their skills. CMS Band is working on a next level warm up and new stand tunes!


This month’s author spotlight is Gordan Korman!  Author of books such as Swindle, Ungifted and Whatshisface.  Students can check out the display of his books in the library!


5th/6th Grade Art: If your Art grade was lower than expected, students need to stop by any day at 4th period and check with Mrs. Smithpeters to see what you are missing. Supplies will also be provided if needed!  Let’s get those grades up!

GT:  Jr. High Quiz Bowl is getting ready for their first tournament in October.  Practice times are after school until 4:30 at CMS on the following dates: 9/27, 9/28, 9/30, 10/4, 10/7, 10/11.




Flu Immunization consent form packets are going home Monday, 9-27-2021 with all students.  Please complete and sign the last page and return it to the nurses office by October 1 so that your child can receive his/her immunization October 7 here at school.  If you have any questions please contact the school nurse


Ultimate RPS Champion for September!

Congratulations Jose Leon!












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